Give the Perfect Experience – 3 Suggestions for Your Holiday Shopping List

It’s thrilling, sometimes even exhilarating when you unwrap a gift that was hand-picked just for you. The excitement and joy you feel after receiving exactly what you wanted is indescribable. On the other hand, we all know how hard it can be to give such a gift, running from store to store or endlessly searching online. Suddenly, gifting fatigue sets in and you reach for some generic gift, maybe with a tinge of guilt.

But wait a second…

Your search for a great personalized gift doesn’t have to be limited to “things.” You can also gift an “experience.”  Gift cards provide a perfect way to gift an experience that is personalized for the recipient.

When you think about it, you don’t want to waste your time and money searching for a gift that will end up being re-gifted (we’re all guilty!) or tossed into that one part of the closet that is suddenly lost forever. Instead, putting thought in the gift cards you buy presents the perfect way to gift an experience without breaking the bank – and it can be convenient for those last-minute shoppers. So instead of overthinking this year’s holiday shopping, consider gifting an experience – so the gift can truly keep on giving by gifting a lifetime full of memories.

Gifting is not a one-size fits all approach. Luckily CardSnacks’ greeting cards and gift cards, which can be sent by text or email, make it easy to find the perfect gift based on the needs and interests of the giftee. Here are a few giftable experiences available through CardSnacks:

For the Kids:

Let’s face it – gifting for kids sometimes feels like you have limited options. Between the thousands of color-coordinated outfits, plush stuffed animals, and aisles of toys at every store, it can be difficult to find a gift that stands out for the baby, toddler, or teenager in your life. However, choosing the right gift card to fit their needs or interests can make a lasting impression. What’s the fun in receiving another stuffed puppy dog when you can get a Build-A-Bear Workshop gift card and choose between the bear, the fox, or the cat to stuff and dress yourself? You can also give your kid a chance to fly.  Choose a gift card from iFly, and let your kid have a truly out of this world experience by trying indoor skydiving (don’t worry - it’s totally safe…believe it or not, kids as young as 3 can do it safely).  

For the Parents:

Some say the kids get to have all the fun, but, luckily, the parents (and any other adult) can also be gifted a memorable experience. From dinner to date nights, adults also deserve to be spoiled. Know a couple that needs a night out? Pay for their first round of Topgolf for a round of friendly competition. Or give the gift of relaxation with a SpaWeek gift card that can be used for massages, facials, or manicures at over 9,000 locations nationwide.

For the Traveler:

We all have that one friend, family member, or co-worker who always sighs and says, “I need a vacation.” While gifting them a break from their everyday routine might be appreciative enough, it is easy to show that you care by choosing a gift card that will encourage them to finally take that vacation they desperately need. Are they looking to travel to a small cabin for a weekend of solitude? Purchase an Airbnb gift card. Do they want to book a trip internationally or cross off a bucket list location off their list? Purchase a Delta or Southwest Airlines gift card. Your friends will appreciate your gesture, while also being able to book their getaway at their convenience.

As we like to say, just because it’s last minute, doesn’t mean it doesn’t leave a lasting impression. Physical gifts can be disappointing to some, so to avoid the trauma this year, give the gift of experience – at the very least they are receiving a thoughtful gift to explore new hobbies, opportunities, and ultimately making lasting memories.

Still need to find the perfect gift? Shop from our recently added gift cards that will surely fit the needs of all people and occasions.