Jan0821 Maisy Glasses.png

Dress Up Your Pet Day is Thursday January 14th

Send us a CardSnack of your dressed up pet and you'll be entered in our contest to pick the best dressed up pet.

FIRST PRIZE: $50 Gift Card to 800Baskets

SECOND PRIZE: $15 Gift Card to Starbucks

We might even turn your entry into a CardSnack in our Dress Up Your Pet Day category! 


Create a CardSnack featuring your pet and send it via the CardSnacks app to contest@cardsnacks.com

additional notes:

1) Your entry can include a photo or video.

2) The CardSnack only needs to contain a Cover (no Message is necessary)

3) If you include music, it must be music from CardSnacks Basic audio songs collection.

DEADLINE: Tuesday, 1/12, 2021, 5pm ET

Good luck!  May the best pet win!

Official Rules